Classic geek icons meet strange fates on the streets of seen on these ridiculous parody shirts! When pop cultures clash and crossbreed, no one is safe.

A Close Encounter of the Third Mutation Kind!

They're heeeere. The Third Wave of EMT Mutations are now ready for pre-order! And at a special, limited time (till May 6) price at that.

SRP: P500  Pre-Order Price: P450  

Limited run only so don't delay. These things are going like hotcakes. Like hotcakes, I tells ya! (Coming soon, EMT hotcakes?)

*Actual release date: May 7 at Metro Comic Con 2011  
(click to see all the Wave 3 shirts)

Rondalia Devil

Ice, man


Fighting Mad Birds (brown)

Fighting Mad Birds (black)

Ang Blacksmith

Pac Out

Click on the button to pre-order your shirts. 


The designs are getting wittier and better. I love every single shirt in this wave. :) Keep it up!

awesome designs! pre-ordered! :)

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Electromagnetic Tentacle (EMT) is a brand of limited edition graphic t-shirts. Our range of designs begin with EMT Mutations, which consists of parody shirts that cross breed pop culture icons with Pinoy culture