Classic geek icons meet strange fates on the streets of seen on these ridiculous parody shirts! When pop cultures clash and crossbreed, no one is safe.

WTF? (Who The Five?)

Electromagnetic Tentacle (EMT) is a brand of limited edition graphic t-shirts that are currently irradiating the local geek populace like wildfire. Our first line, EMT Mutations, consists of parody shirts that cross breed pop culture icons with Pinoy culture.

Banded together from the cosmic regions of the galaxy are five super friends from the advertising industry who came together one fine afternoon at some coffee house to make t-shirts for fun and possibly other sinister purposes.

Iceman, Cougar, Maverick and Merlin. (Not in picture: Mr. Cougar)

Three members of EMT’s fearsome five are crack Advertising Creative top guns. Their call signs are Javey “Maverick” Villones, Carl “IcemanUrgino, and Joe “Merlin” Dy. These madmen crank out the crazy ideas and concepts for the shirts.

The fourth member of our kooky quartet is Janlo “Cougar” Cui–a talented account executive who makes sure things get done.

Rounding out the crew is Andre "Mr. Cougar" Cui. Also known as "Not in picture" Husband, goalie and badass artist. 

Combined, they have over 50 years of marketing and brand building experience from working at top flight agencies and media companies such as JWT, Saatchi & Saatchi, Leo Burnett, BBDO Guerrero, Tequila/TBWA and ABS CBN . All that experience, talent and savvy is being poured into developing the EMT brand.

All artwork for EMT is done by Iceman, Maverick and Mr. Cougar, with the exception of Aquaballs which was rendered by Jun "Sensei" San Juan.